Friends, I am glad that you have reached this page!
So you are the people for whom I am writing texts – reading, thinking, doubting, interested, and this is great!

Since any projects are important, first of all, by those people who create them, I will tell you about myself, the news of my work, publish reflections on life…

Project history

Dear visitors of the site, I am revealing to you the history of the emergence of this project, which today has become my mission in life.
Back in 2009, when I was working on issues of health-saving education, I noted that children are forced to sit at their desks for a long time, and the learning process itself is either boring or is a many-hour “freeze” in gadgets.
Children eventually lost interest in the sciences, as they were surrounded by a huge amount of ready-made knowledge that had to be automatically memorized, and there were no opportunities to show imagination, creativity and passion.
In an even more difficult situation were the parents of special children, whose education in traditional formats was difficult for health reasons.
Therefore, it is natural that the birth of a son inspired me to create something more effective and useful for the development of children.
Methods were studied from Maria Montessori to technologies for the production of environmentally friendly children’s toys, and as a result, our project was born, the abbreviated name of which is “Marusya”.
And the first students were their own child and the children of friends.
Today, our teaching technologies are based on color therapy, multisensory perception, contact with eco-materials, scope for creativity and imagination, motor comfort, emotional freedom and, of course, a game format with the character Marusya.
The child creates, experiments, gains knowledge and useful skills. It’s interesting and useful at the same time!
If you are a parent, head of a children’s center or foundation, or just a philanthropist and are not indifferent to the ideas of educational innovations, join us, regardless of the country and religious views!
Together we can do more useful things in the world!
Sincerely, Inna Markinа. 




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