MARUSYA education is a unique solution for those families who want to educate children taking into account the reality of the new time.
Individual boxes is a combination of the classical format of the child’s classes and on-line training.
-In the boxes you will find copyrighted materials for complex integrated lessons of 2 levels of difficulty: “PRESCHOOL” for children 5-6 years old and “SCHOOL” for children 7-9 years old. will help you get basic knowledge quickly, in an exciting way, in creativity, with feedback and without the extra time and effort to move in a metropolis, suburb, or serve you as a reliable assistant in the mobile lifestyle of your family.
Suitable for any child from 5 to 9 years old, regardless of whether he is attending kindergarten, school or is in family school.
The project started in 2020. is convenient, simple and clear, and therefore is suitable in most cases for children with disabilities. for mothers is a special box for moms, which provides the necessary tools to accompany the child in the development and learning and harmonization of his own psycho-emotional state.

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